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Wellcome to Yasuda Electronics Design Office Co., Ltd !!
We contract the design of an electronic circuit.
It's OK the design of FPGA and ASIC.
We also take over a technical consultant.
Please do not hesitate to consult.

Yasuda Electronic Design Office also invents the design method.

The Original design method guaranteed by a patent.
  US 6,578,187@@Click here

  We license gratuitously for study use.
  We also perform design instruction by cheap license expense for business use.
  Please contust us if you want to use.

Main Business
  Contract Electronic circuit design
  Contract Software design
  The system design of hardware and software mixture
  Contract Servo and mechatronics design
  Contract Semiconductor circuit (Digital and analog) design Sale Semiconductor IP
  Switching Power Supply and Driver circuit

Profile of President
  Name : Hiroshi Yasuda
  Patent for invention (Non-holding patent of our company)Click here

  Technical seminar by Etsuo
   (Etsuo Okuda's Home page who is a super engineer in our company)

  If you want an electronic circuit or device design, mail to Yasuda Electronic Design Office !!
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